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DEIF – Automatic Multiple Diesel Generator Controller- AGC 150 Core

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Automatic, Multiple Diesel generator changeover and controller enables energy management. It can handle even solar with 2 DGs or other input power sources. Remote monitoring option is also offered seperately.

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The AGC 150 is an easy-to-use control unit containing all necessary functions for protection and control of a genset. It can be used as a single unit for one genset, or it can be connected in a complete power management system with up to 32 controllers for synchronising projects, island or parallel to the mains.

The power management system handles the load sharing between gensets and the load-dependent start and stop. AGC 150 contains all necessary 3-phase measuring circuits, and all values and alarms are presented on the sun proof LCD display.

DEIF 150 Data Sheet

Genset control 150

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