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Deye Hybrid Inverters – 3kW – Single Phase, 24V or 48V Option, 1 MPPT, 1 String

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The Deye Hybrid Inverter provides 3kW of output and dual MPPTs to maximize solar energy capture. Smart monitoring, 24V or 48V battery compatibility, diesel generator support, and a fast 4ms on-grid to off-grid transfer time are among the features. It features IP65 protection and a colorful touch LCD to ensure efficient energy management.

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The Deye Hybrid Inverter (SUN 3K-SG04) is ideal for residential applications, with a 3kW output, single-phase power, and dual MPPTs for optimal solar energy capture. It maximizes self-consumption and achieves energy independence by storing excess energy in batteries. A smart monitoring platform for remote control, 24V battery compatibility for increased safety, and diesel generator charging support are among the features. The inverter provides fast 4ms transfer from on-grid to off-grid, IP65 protection, and a colorful touch LCD, ensuring efficient and dependable energy management.

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 33 × 43.3 × 23.8 cm

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