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Discover the working and efficiency of Solar Panels with REC Solar Panels

REC Solar Panels

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Efficiency of Solar Panels

The percentage of solar energy radiation that is converted into consumable energy, accounts for the conversion efficiency. Solar energy has always been a clean and effective source of energy. However, back in the days, these power plants were expensive to install for both cost and space inconveniences. With years of research and innovation, the solar energy arena has improvised to show exemplary performance in bringing out changes not only in solar panels but also through new products like Microinverters, solar inverters. 

What are the factors that influence the conversion efficiency?

Most of the sun rays that hit photovoltaic (PV) cells are not converted into electricity. Most are lost off in the process. 

  • Wavelength – Lights possess different wavelengths and energies. If they are not of the required wavelength range, then there are chances they won’t be converted to electric energy by the PV cells on the solar panels and results in runoff, thus less efficiency.
  • Temperatures – Solar panels work efficiently in certain optimal temperatures only. At extremely high temperatures, the property of the semiconductor in the PV cells of solar panels alters. High temperatures decrease the voltage and lowers their efficiency.
  • Reflection rate – The material and the make of the solar panels play a role in the efficiency. The alignment, tilt and orientation are also some factors for reflection. A worn out silicon layer can decrease the reflection rate by 30%, thus lowering the working and efficiency of the solar panels.

Considering these factors for the best solutions with REC Solar Panels 

It takes a combination of tackling all these factors to beat inefficiency and yield maximum benefits from solar energy. This is made possible by the best brand who are well experienced in this domain and have been working towards making solar solutions better with every coming day. REC Solar Panels company is one such brand dedicated towards bringing out the best in the panels range. REC solar panels were founded in 1996 and have since become an international pioneering solar panels distributor company. At the end of 2019, REC solar panels’ official distributors had produced around 38 million solar panels amounting to more than 10 GW of clean energy. That’s enough to power more than 16 million people at home. 

With such innovation spread across globally over a span of time, they have a vast product range of solar panels:

  • REC Alpha Pure -R series Lead free
  • REC TwinPeak 5 Black Series
  • REC TWIN PEAK 4 Solar Panels Series 120 Halfcut cells – 365/370Wp

Bringing to you the best solar panels

REC solar panels having the best options for their customers, making it easily accessible to the market is essential both in terms of individual use and as solar panels wholesale dealers. Sun-AP Ecopower has been the official REC Solar Panels distributors in India. With Sun-AP Ecopower’s services and products, they are the leading authorised REC solar panels distributors.

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